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Updated: Mar 15


The last full moon of winter has come, and this is the veil of energy you need right now to begin your final phase of winter healing and personal energy cleansing during the winter season. You want to focus on your space to reflect the positive changes you have successfully achieved during this amazing season. And thus, you have an opportunity to encourage yourself to ditch toxic air fresheners.

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Today, I’m going to share with you five easy ways to ditch the toxicity that supports the degradation of your cells so you can embrace your Terra Earth as you are one with and aligned too; or else you wouldn’t be here right now.

#1 Air Purifiers:

This is your key to healthy ionic balance so you can create a natural ultrasonic frequency of ozone cleansing your space and your body.

These days the styles of air purifiers are endless so you can match your esthetic view of your space perfectly! Awesome Tip: place your air purifier in the corner of a space that has little to no ventilation!

#2 Living Plants:

This gives you the opportunity to nourish life within the earth so you can receive blessings from life being one with the earth.

These days you don’t need to have a green thumb. All you need is your phone and a plant app to help keep your green beauties alive and thriving. Awesome Tip: place your plants onto tables and counters in high traffic areas with movement making sure to have some indirect or direct sunlight. Stop and say hi to them as you pass by!

#3 Essential Oils

This makes everything smell delightfully fresh and blessed without synthetic perfumes that could trigger a rejection within your CNS through your olfactory receptors. This basically means smelling without you developing allergies!

These days aromatherapy has become very popular! You just need to make sure you are purchasing pure plant oils and not a blend of natural with synthetic. It must always say essential oils. The phrase “natural fragrance” usually means artificial made from a natural source. Awesome Tip: Place 30 drops of your favorite blend into a mister bottle and fill with distilled water to make a natural air refresher.

#4 Minerals

This is becoming a long forgotten use as we forge into technology; however minerals like magnesium salts and carbon salts are still your best toxic odor absorbers!

These days you can purchase epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) and baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) in bulk at low prices from major retailers like Amazon. Mix and place the 2 into bowls around the house for clean air. You can even add essential oils to the mix for a greater impact. Awesome Tip: Try sprinkling onto your carpet and let sit for 1 to 6 hours before vacuuming or sweeping.

#5 Wind Holes

This is simply what we call in modern times “a window”! Open your windows for about one hour each day, or at least several times during the day from this last full moon of winter and into the last new moon of winter.

These days modern homes are being built with more windows to bring in more natural sunlight! Awesome Tip: Make sure they are screened properly to avoid mosquitos that can hide until nighttime patiently waiting to drink your blood!

Purification of your home is a direct reflection of purification of your body. What you inhale each day should be aligned to how you eat, what you place on your skin, and who or what you surround your cells with!

It truly brings me joy to write for you pleasurable topics like this, and as well as for you to read and enjoy also! Gratitude for reading.

BrewJah🌿 Blessings,

Jah Crystal

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