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5 Winter Fresh Cleaning Tips With Herbs!

The chemistry of your home is important to support your every day balance. Being indoors more plus the extra guest traffic gives room for special attention to your cleaning rituals.

A vision board of rooms decorated and cleaned with herbs in a house for the winter

Here are 5 sweet tips for a winter fresh clean home with herbs and without the chems!

1. Decorate with mint leaves! Skip the traditional pine tree branches and go for mint! They are cleaner and can be used as potpourri or burned for purifying the air in your home or office bringing a sweet minty olfactory sensation for all to enjoy.

2. Steam mop your floors! This sanitizes your floors and adds much needed moisture to the dry air in your home or office during the winter months creating a healthier breathing environment.

3. Keep your eating area clear of clutter for easier setting and cleaner eating. We recommend a simple lemon cleanse wipe before and after use. (see ingredients below)

4. Spray and wipe your walls! Colder months bring lots of indoor activities that produce lots of airborne activity and dust. Spraying your walls with a mister filled with your winter essential oils will help reduce dust and pathogenic activity.

5. Wash linen and vacuum carpets regularly! Use enzymatic ingredients to reduce harmful bacteria and keep your relaxing areas and sleeping areas nice and cozy.

Make your home/office feel like a spa with these daily winter herbs:

  • spearmint

  • peppermint

  • lemon

  • ginger

  • eucalyptus

Try the natural "Lemon Wipe" Recipe:

  1. pour 2 cups of hot water into small bucket

  2. squeeze one lemon

  3. pour one tbsp of castile soap

  4. dip and wring cleansing cloth to wipe

Finish with an herbal carpet treatment:

  • 1/2 cup of baking soda

  • 1 tbsp of dried powdered lemon peel

  • 30 drops of essential oil blend of winter herbs

*We recommend you shop local in your city and state!

If you're in Washington state try A Drop in The Ocean or for large family loads BioKleen will do great!

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