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BrewJah is a blessed title that was demonized and oppressed by colonizers. Bru or Brew: is to prepare for the healing and nourishing of the body and soul. And Jah: is an ancient primordial word meaning creator power. The title never references witches or anything lesser than our source creator power of God*.

And as source creators; we understand that nature and your body provide everything you need to live and be nurtured.

That's why we
 teach you metaphysical healing and create for you customized herbal brews to support your complete wellness for your spirit, soul, mind, skin and body.

At BrewJah = roots + herbs we recognize the heart and soul of who you are; and nurture your spiritual body through the blessings of the earth as intended by YHWX; our source of all creation.

Our main goal is to help you naturally overcome fatigue and a lack of motivation that causes dips in your positive emotions so you can
transform your body in 90 days and feel energized, lose weight, look younger, feel motivated, and feel nurtured to have an amazing experience on your journey here in this world.

We are led by a passionate metaphysical healer, Jah Crystal, who is dedicated to your healing and energetic alignment by teaching you the source energetic properties of plants within your divine supernal source YHWX.

Jah Crystal, combines ancient knowledge with universal science (KHMT) to create and teach for pure spiritual healing into a cure that compliments and complete your natural beauty and wellness lifestyle.

We formulate without added sugars, caffeine, or any additives that can become an adverse addiction to your health.


We always provide quality pure plant ingredients, and we stand by all non-gmo and organic herbs. 

We are committed to food safe and sustainable packaging.

So, whatever your needs are, we have a brew prepared just for you!

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BrewJah Vlog

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