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We Are Metaphysical Healers 

What We Do


Natural Care Providers

We recommend herbs with alternative and complementary modalities of care to correct the imbalance of source energies within your spiritual body creating issues within your physical body. We don't prescribe treatments or cures for diagnosis by a licensed doctor.


Education Providers

We educate you on alternative and complementary metaphysical modalities for your personal use based on your unique source energy care. We don't provide any diagnosis of any illnesses, ailments, or diseases. We train those with unique gifts to become metaphysical healers.


24/7 Support Providers

We provide an in depth source energy analysis in a private intake with 24/7 support using a unique methodology of source energy care developed by metaphysician Jah Crystal, herbalist, skin care therapist, and source energy healer.


Treatment Providers

We provide full body, skin, mind, spirit, and soul support for any diagnosis you may have received from a licensed doctor with focus on your unique source energy alignment only using our unique 5 point energy treatment plan called 5 Energies of S'Kin created by Jah Crystal.

What We Offer

All interest for an in-person session must be requested by email for approval to

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