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Blessed Greetings!

We are here to help you become the glory of who you are. You are a metaphysical healer and the power to heal your cells is within you!

Our Story

We are not your fru fru herbalist! We are metaphysical healers reborn into this world. The demonization of your source healing God power ends here. YOU'RE NOT A WITCH!

WELCOME: and come to be well within a secret space designed to educate, enlighten, and elevate you into the power of who you are within and beyond this world.

Anyone can teach you about plant, herbs, cooking, and how to use them. Only a metaphysical healer (SKHMT) can help ignite a divine understanding within your soul. Are you seeking to reclaim what was stolen from you a thousand years ago? This is the secret sphere you've been seeking and has called you here to engage and receive.

The "Secret Sphere" enrolls only once a year. The doors open December 21 and closes on March 21. This is a lifetime Evergreen membership. You will go beyond the status of herbal training and into the realms of energy healing, source energy alignment, and intuitive healing powers to foster complete wellness for yourself first, then others second; personally and professionally.

The Secret Sphere is open to all with a disclaimer as the material is specifically designed for Afro Indigenous women of the Americas.

Recieving Flowers

The Secret Sphere

You are the source creator life YHWX power of God. You're not a witch, you're not a demon, and you're not anything lesser of the healing power of God*. You are a metaphysical healer and you can heal yourself and others.

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Metaphysical Healer's Guide

"Why We Do This Work?" 

"On average a BLACK Afro-American WOMAN is viewed as weak, angry, volatile, and unable to heal herself. While all other women are viewed as heroines, miracle workers, and mystical goddesses."  ~Jah Crystal

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