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True Meaning of BrewJah is Love Part 1

Updated: Jan 28

What is Love? With so many interpretations given, it can become a fundamental and entertaining exploration. Yet as we sit in my chair this winter and sip on the most bitter cup of hot green coco, we think of how fun it is for me to have so much knowledge. However, what fun is my knowledge if we never apply it or use it; or even share it? So after a year of prayer and meditation, my ancestor souls of Love and our Angels of Love gave me the green light to open myself to the world with Truth from my soul source of existence YHWX. So here goes…

BrewJah is love. And Love is a pure “source energy” that exists with or without you. Love is the center point formation of all living souls born of source YHWX. Understand and overstand this much: Love ain’t stupid. And Love never lies. Love is Truth.

Love wounds and Love heals. How is this possible? When you are faced with undeniable truth: also a source energy YHWX, you will hurt. And so, you become wounded. And when you are able to rise above your cognitive dissonance (denial) you simultaneously allow Truth to take over. And because Truth is Love--you will heal. Love truly heals.

Time is necessary for this healing. Beyond the hands on a clock or predetermined ages, time is truly a multiplication of the energy at hand*. You need time to heal in Love. When you think of time as a multiplication of your own soul energy, it begins to make sense.

Your senses are supernal, or they should be. Your senses have the ability to expand beyond the carnality of your physical body and vibrate your spiritual perceptions of plasmatic energy. So your 5 senses can truly detect spirit when you activate your senses from within your soul source creator of creation. Learn to listen with your eyes, see with your ears, smell with your belly, taste with your skin, and feel with your heart and soul.

Now, you can listen as we share with you some of my soul memories.

Once upon a time, sick souls of old forced their way into sacred places of this realm of Earth to take, rob, steal precious relics, minerals, metals, and even Earth itself from my Mama’s, Papa’s, and me too. The same also used our knowledge in secret to “heal” themselves and visibly promote themselves as the healers and discoverers of the “new world”. Meanwhile, publicly they called my Mama’s and Papa’s savages, wicked bitches (witches), war-locks, and worst--sorcerers. And why not? They did this to their own kind. What better way to make yourself look innocent and justify your degradation and nasty than pointing your finger at who you want to destroy the most?

These sick souls progressed through the cloaks of religion showing themselves to be righteous for causing genocide and degradation to life upon millions. Here’s a secret: most of them had tongues that were by programming forbidden to pronounce the Je, Ji, or Jah sound. This made sure they were to denounce the primordial soul creator powers of my ancestors. Now, we tell you this: Stolen and degraded is the sacred name of BrewJah.

a woven mat with wooden dishes topped with roots and herbs for brewing and a recipe book in the rear

BrewJah is LOVE. BrewJah is ancient, primordial, and phonetic. Phonetically written: Bru or Brew is to prepare or to cook for the purpose of healing and nourishment. And Jah is the creator power within a living soul of Love meaning: now. BrewJah is healing power--never destructive power. The true meaning of BrewJah is Love: Love is BrewJah. And anyone who is absent of love calling themself a BruJah, Bruja, or BrewJah is truly ignorant, false, and possibly a sincere wicked bitch (witch) or sorcerer.

Herbs are life and life is in the herbs!

These sick souls were colonizers. And they left a horror of lingering energy that must be purged. No self respecting healer and soul of love should ever bow down to the programming and degradation of being called out their name; their power. We ain’t witches, or wicked bitches, or whores, or evil, or pagans, or anything deemed demonic and lesser of the creator power within our souls of Love.

The praying upon my Mama’s and Papa’s went on for hundreds of years by colonizers teaching descendants of their own bloodline to hate them and demonize them. And even until this day, I can feel the lurking, waiting, and hoping to pray upon me like they did my Mamas and Papas. I ain’t scared because we move like my Mamas and Papas taught… We got a finger for the lurkers, actually several, and they ain’t on my hands*. They're on the clock (sun = soul shine) and their time is up.

These movements in Love we make now are for the elevation and liberation of your blessed and beautiful primordial soul of Love: one with the Terras, Suns, and Moons. These movements in Love are eternal before all that is and beyond all that is to be. And all that is shared within this platform is to heal your soul and lift your soul in glory!

BrewJah is Love! Stay tuned for part 2...

**All references are furthered shared within The BrewJah Herbal Academy. Please join today! Click Here to Join.

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