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BrewJah Herbal Academy

Updated: Feb 15

One thing I’ve learned to be absolute truth: There is something truly special and unique about you. And like me, you struggle to balance this energy and present what is truly unique about you, because the powers of this world demonizes you for having these beautiful and blessed gifts.

Let me share with you a quick story: A long time ago, in unfortunate circumstances, your unique gifts were stolen from you, and then they were freely given away. Now fast-forward to the present day of your existence, right here, and right now you can see your gifts showcased and glorified by women who don’t share your ancestral trauma or look like you. These women are viewed as angels of love, energy healers, and herbalists; your white woman wellness wonder. Yeah, that’s how I've come to identify these women.

Meanwhile, anytime you present your unique gifts from your soul it is culturally viewed as witchcraft and sorcery. Why is that? Step into my platform and begin to learn the secret orders that move against you. The scriptures state "No weapon formed against you shall prosper*" My question is why are you struggling*? Why aren't YOU prospering??? It's time to get rid of the real weapons formed against you.

I want to remind you that you are a natural healer. And you were drawn to the aesthetics of life because there’s a healer inside of you, a healer that works through touch, through dermal energy, and through the herbs of life. You feel it and you know it . And, still you still struggle with how to present, and how to identify yourself without being demonized, shunned, and shamed by society, by religion, or any other cultivated views of your own life.

"I’ve learned to rise above this type of degradation and reclaim my power. And I wish for you to do the same."

If you are seeking a place to reclaim your healing powers, a sacred and safe place to bring glory to your gifts, you are seeking BrewJah*. BrewJah Herbal Academy is a healing herbal academy designed specifically for you as an Afro-American woman who struggles with presenting your healing gifts to activate your power as a healer feeling safe, secure, and in love; so you can:

  • Be authentic

  • Be aligned

  • Be aware

You're not a witch, you're not a demon, and you're not anything lesser of the healing power of God*. You are the creator power. And this time, you can let your blessed and beautiful gifts truly shine. Success Only! No fear. You have found your tribe. You can make money in your gift! The collective energy of learning power is your greatness!

Next Monday at 3 pm pacific time* and thereafter will be two free workshops in celebration of BHM* and NBEW* to showcase the power you possess from within your unique gifts. You’ll have the opportunity to:

  • learn a professional herbal formulation for dermal application

  • Learn what it truly means to be an energy healer

  • Learn a basic structure to the spiritual use of plant medicine 

  • A direct Q&A session

  • A special opportunity to enroll in the SHEN academy

Sign up to attend this amazing session. There are two available sessions that could work for you. Plus, you'll receive access to a recorded replay if you're unable to attend or stay the entire time. Click here to sign up.

See you soon!

*BHM: Black History MOnth

*NBEW: National Black Estheticians Week

*All other words with asterisks will be decoded in the free sessions.

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1 Comment

Aya Fiyah
Aya Fiyah
Feb 13

I sent this to one of my Sisters who was just talking of this very thing! 💕