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Sat, Nov 02


Online Live Virtual Webinar

The Secrets of BrewJah Mastery Class

Reclaim Your Source God Creator Power Now So You Can Heal Yourself And Others For Your Best Life!

The Secrets of BrewJah Mastery Class
The Secrets of BrewJah Mastery Class

Time & Location

Nov 02, 2024, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM PDT

Online Live Virtual Webinar

About the event

The Secrets of BrewJah Mastery* Class Is open to all who desire to become a metaphysical healer. The Secrets of BrewJah Mastery Class is designed for you to override the sorcery and witchcraft that exist through sociology, theology, and publiology (politics).**

The BrewJah Mastery* Class introduces you to an esoteric form of:

  • Divine Herbal Mastery
  • Divine Psychic Mastery
  • Divine Healing Mastery

Our divine teaching purges ancestral trauma, cleanses your aura field, raises your vibrations so you can become a true and divine MetaPhysical Healer: BrewJah. RSVP today so you can heal yourself and others from chronic and repetitive illness for your blessed and beautiful life in love!

**This class is for serious seekers only. Receive A free Metaphysical Healers Preparation Guide in attendance.

*Master is truly defined properly as: teacher--derived from Ma meaning source of care and stern meaning to organize and direct. 

The word master has been degraded and taken out of its' pretext and origin of use. Traditionally certain beings who migrated to the Americas had speech impairments and mispronounced the word maestro to relate to master. Maestro relates to one who inflicts pain and is without care for life. Strangely, this word was historically used upon musical directors who according to history would beat their students, sexually harass female musicians, and castrate boys to prevent them from having deep voices; all a type of sorcery and witchcraft.

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